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What is Manitoba Homecoming?
Manitoba Homecoming is a year long experience in 2010 to bring former and current Manitobans, visitors, family and friends together for events, festivals and an all-around great celebration!
Who is behind Manitoba Homecoming?
Manitoba Homecoming Inc. has been established as a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The founding partners are Travel Manitoba, Destination Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.
Why is it happening in 2010?
Why not! Any year is a good year to come home. What better way to celebrate and highlight the strengths of our province’s communities and people but by sharing the spirit all year long! Plus a party is always more fun with a little cake. Manitoba celebrates its 140th birthday in May 2010.
What’s the goal of Manitoba Homecoming?
Ultimately we want to celebrate all that is positive about Manitoba by increasing community confidence, increase participation in cultural and other events and maximize the economic benefits of tourism. Manitoba Homecoming 2010 will stimulate, market and co-ordinate a year-long program of events throughout Manitoba by building on many successful existing events and festivals along with the creation of new special events.
Will there be a Manitoba Homecoming Week?
Homecoming will be celebrated across the province throughout all of 2010. From partnerships with existing events and festivals to new stand alone events created specifically to celebrate Homecoming, there truly will be something for everyone. Continue to visit our website for more information and a listing of upcoming events.
Where can I find out about the events taking place during the Homecoming year?
This website will be your ticket to party! Visit us often as we will be posting information on events throughout the province as soon as we get them. Plus, sign up to receive our e-newsletter! 
What kinds of events can we expect to see?
Manitoba Homecoming 2010 will be partnering with existing festivals and events but we will also be planning new stand alone events like the World’s Largest Social!
Who is Homecoming aimed at?
We’re rolling out the welcome mat and everyone is invited to Manitoba’s Homecoming! We’re targeting visitors, current Manitobans and ex-pats – anyone who wants to experience all the Manitoba has to offer.
Is it just for visitors or can local people get involved too?
It’s for everyone who loves Manitoba and wants to experience our diverse cultures and traditions by attending special events, festivals, cultural events and community gatherings. Plus it’s an opportunity to call you’re family and friends home for a reunion or just plan a street party with your neighbours. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to get involved.

What can I do to make Manitoba Homecoming 2010 a success?
If you live in Manitoba, tell your friends and relatives from all over the world about the special year of Homecoming and encourage them to visit Manitoba during 2010. Send everyone you know a fun e-postcard!

If you’re thinking of organizing an event in 2010 or want to include Homecoming in your existing event or celebration, call us at (204) 287-2010 or email Kevin Walters.

If you’re a Manitoba-based business wanting to promote Manitoba Homecoming, contact Kevin Walters.  We welcome you to include our logo on your marketing communications and would be delighted if you included a link to our website on your website.

How can I learn more about Winnipeg and Manitoba?
Visit Destination Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba websites for a wealth of helpful information.