War Brides Exhibition Coming to Portage

In 2001, Calgary-based artist Bev Tosh, the daughter of a War Bride, celebrated her mother’s 80th birthday by completing a large portrait of her as a young bride. This painting of her mother was the inspiration and beginning of a passionate pursuit to honor all war brides through her artwork. Tosh focused on telling the moving story of Canada’s war brides, a history at the heart of tens of thousands of Canadian families. The project evolved into a major touring exhibition called "War Brides: One-Way Passage", which is the result of hundreds of interviews with war brides in North America, Britain, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.

This exhibition has been shown throughout Canada in every province except Manitoba. The exhibition features portraits of war brides on wooden panels as well as several large works on canvas. These paintings capture the spirit of these young women as they began their journey into a less than certain future. The exhibition also includes several symbolic installations and various personal memorabilia from the 40’s.

The Portage and District Arts Centre is pleased to have the opportunity to show this exhibition in the gallery from August 24 to October 30. The Arts Centre is hosting a War Bride Tea to celebrate all War Brides and their families on Sunday September 12th in the gallery. Everyone is welcome! Images from Tosh’s exhibit and historical wartime stories have been beautifully captured in a book, which is now available at the Arts Centre Gift Shop for $20.00. Dr. Robin Carter and Rona locally sponsor the War Bride Exhibit.

Photo of artist Bev Tosh in front her painting entitled String of Pearls


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